Tokyo Story

I’m having a bad week, so my post today will only be an announcement. DVDPlanet is now pre-ordering one of the cinema’s supreme masterpieces, Yasujiro Ozu‘s Tokyo Story (1953), to be released as a 2-disc Criterion Collection package on October 14.

Details will include:

ï New high-definition digital transfer, with restored image
and sound
ï Audio commentary by Ozu-film scholar David Desser, editor
of Ozu’s Tokyo Story
ï I Lived, But…: (1983) a two-hour documentary
about the life and career of Ozu, featuring former assistant Shohei Imamura (director of The Pornographers, The Eel), critics Donald Richie and Tadao Sato, actors Chishu Ryu, Mariko Okada, Haruko Sugimura, and many more
ïTalking with Ozu: a 30-minute tribute to
Yasujiro Ozu featuring reflections from directors Stanley Kwan, Aki Kaurismaki, Claire Denis, Lindsay Anderson, Paul Schrader, Wim Wenders, and Hou Hsiao-Hsien
ïOriginal theatrical trailer
ïNew essay by David Bordwell, author of Ozu and the Poetics of Cinema
ïNew and improved English subtitle translation.

Check out my friend Nick’s for more information.