After spending an enjoyable weekend with visiting family, I’m playing catch-up today. Here are some interesting links to keep you occupied while I plan my viewing week:

ïThe new issue of Senses of Cinema is up. Among many items of interest are a series of articles on Chuck Jones, recent Chinese documentaries, and a succinct (and SPOILER) look at some of the religious themes in Carl Th. Dreyer‘s Ordet (1955).

ïMy cohorts at Masters of Cinema, Trond Trondsen and Jan Bielawski, have posted a highly informative article focusing on the problems of video overscan on consumer TVs.

ïAcquarello has begun his New York Film Festival capsule reviews at Strictly Film School.

ï The Film Forum in New York continues to update its Au hasard Balthazar (1966) page with Rialto’s press kit and assorted links to the film which easily gets my vote for the most exciting theatrical rerelease of the year. (Oct. 17)