Great films, DVDs

As a corollary to yesterday’s post, reader John Davies (a critic for MovieMail in the UK), has submitted lists of Great Films, which I’ve added to the Lists section of filmjourney.

In general, the best lists are those which cast the widest possible historical and geographical net. Movies are a global art form over a hundred years old, and definitive lists should reflect this. In addition, the most useful lists don’t merely affirm our tastes, but compel us to seek new horizons. My suggestion is to jot down some of the titles you haven’t seen, and take the list to your nearest well-stocked video store.

In addition, my friend Gary Tooze has added the 2002 Sight & Sound list of all-time great films to his site,, and hyperlinked the films currently available on DVD (multiregional) to the visual reviews on his site. For those of you who want a glimpse of a disc’s quality before making a purchase, his site is an invaluable resource.