Facets’ Film Lists

Facets Multimedia in Chicago has long been one of the foremost distributors of world cinema on video in the US, and it just keeps adding to its services. It rents by mail, offers its own cinematheque and film classes, and has generated a slew of publications over the years related to its inventory. I’ve got its Human Rights Film Guide that was published 18 years ago, which lists over 400 films cross-indexed by subject area, geographic region, country and title.

This week, I received the new Facets Movie Lovers Guide, a free catalogue to anyone living in the US (oversea purchases require $6 for shipping) that offers 150 pages of film lists with brief summaries of each title. And as lists go, they’re pretty good:

ï400 Best Foreign Films
ï100 Best Documentary Features
ï100 Best Animated Films
ïCannes Palme d’Or Winners (1949-2003)
ïThe entire Library of Congress National Film Registry
ïFilms by Blacklisted Writers
ïNeglected SF and Horror films
ïNew Films from India, Japan, Mexico, France, Korea, Iran
ïFilmmakers to Watch (and Re-watch)
ï100 Top Ten Lists by filmmakers, historians, artists, and more

And on and on. Compulsively readable and genuinely useful for anyone looking for good viewing suggestions.

From their website:

To order, click here for the order form, or call 1-800-331-6197, or drop a note to:

Facets Video, Catalog Orders
1517 West Fullerton Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614