New Senses

The new issue of the Australian journal, Senses of Cinema, is now online.

Some highlights:

ïMy friend Darren Hughes’ long-anticipated overview of the career of director Hal Ashby (Being There, The Last Detail, Harold and Maude). (Our thoughts are with Darren these days.)

ïA 2003 World Poll, including top tens by myself and Filmjourney participant Acquarello.

ïA review of the book, Japanese Documentary Film: The Meiji Era Through Hiroshima, by Abe Mark Nomes.

ïA review of last November’s AFI Fest, which I never got around to writing about. My favorite of the festival, Wang Xiaoshuai’s Drifters, gets a nice couple of paragraphs: “Drifters belongs to the growing category of mature, disturbing, thought-provoking masterpieces inspired by globalisation.”

ïA lengthy review of a movie I plugged here last October, Jean Epstein’s 1928 impressionist masterpiece, La Chute de la maison Usher.

And a whole lot more I’ve only just begun to read…