Ordet play

Just a fun note here. One of my favorite movies of all time is Carl Dreyer’s Ordet (1955), based on a 1925 play written by Kaj Munk (1898-1944), a Danish playwright/pastor who was executed by the Nazis. Although the Criterion Collection’s release of Dreyer’s film on VHS and DVD has given it greater visibility on these shores, the original play itself remains elusive.

New Yorkers, however, will get the chance to see the play performed at the Theatre 315 (315 W 47th St.) in the Handcart Ensemble’s new production, running March 13 through April 3. The play’s notes claim it has been “translated by RP Keigwin & adapted by J. Scott Reynolds,” so how close it will be to the source material is unclear, but it sounds like a wonderful way to spend an evening in any case.

If any readers see the play, let us know your thoughts…