Bresson news

For the Bressonphiles among us (and who isn’t?), I published a capsule review of Au hasard Balthazar in the latest catalogue of the mail-order company MovieMail in the UK; I’ve posted it below.

The good news is that the region 0 PAL discs recently released by Nouveaux Pictures (Balthazar and Mouchette, both of which have been long out of print on video in North America) have been created using newly-restored prints and look wonderful. You can find my cohort Trond Trondsen’s reviews at DVDBeaver here and here.

But the news gets better…MK2 in France have revealed details for their forthcoming Bresson DVD boxset to be released on March 16, 2005. Each film will have English, German, Italian and Spanish subtitles.

Will include Babette Mangolte’s The Models of Pickpocket, the French TV program CinÈpanorama, and a two-minute Bresson speech at the French film school IDHEC.

The Trial of Joan of Arc
Will include a theatrical trailer, a foreword by French journalist P. Azoury, an interview with Bresson and Mario Beunat, an interview with Jean Guitton, and an audio speech by AndrÈ Malraux.

Will include a 41-minute Cannes press conference and a sequence in which Truffaut speaks about Bresson.

If you needed any more prodding to purchase a multi-region DVD player, this news should suffice…