2008 Moving Image Institute

In a couple of days, I’ll be headed to New York City to attend this year’s Institute in Film Criticism and Feature Writing, who selected me as one of a dozen participating journalists, and they’ve just updated their website with the final schedule, list of participants, etc.

With the demise of so many newspaper and magazine film critical positions, and the continual growth of serious film writing and discussion on the Internet, this is an interesting time to be reviewing the state of the art, particularly at an event sponsored by the New York Times. I’m sure this widespread cultural transition will be a recurring subject of discussion this weekend.

I’m hoping to blog while attending, but it looks like a full schedule and I don’t know how much free time I’ll have. Either way, I’ll be sure to offer a full account when I return.

Any recommendations while I’m there? My hotel is in Manhattan and the museum is in Queens; I expect I’ll be commuting back and forth daily. I would be grateful for any ethnic food suggestions, bookstores, and of course cinephile-related opportunities in the area, plus anything else you might suggest. I haven’t even planned my trip from JFK yet.