LAFF update

The Los Angeles Film Festival ended yesterday, and I managed to catch a handful of films despite my beleaguered schedule the past few weeks, which I hope is settling down. Look for some posts the next few days summarizing my viewing, including my two favorite LAFF films, Philippe Ramos’ Captain Ahab and Lance Hammer’s Ballast.

2 thoughts on “LAFF update

  1. Congratulations, Doug, on the recent rehaul here at Film Journey. Looks good. Has all past commentary been lost, however?

    I especially look forward to hearing your comments on Ballast, which I very much appreciated when it screened at our San Francisco International. I also had the welcome opportunity to talk to Hammer for SF360, though I don’t imagine that will go up until the film is theatrically released next year.

  2. No, I still have the text of the commentary, so in a worst case scenario, I can simply create a new page with links…but I still have hopes that my tech support people will come through.

    Ballast was pretty great; I’m looking forward to your interview. (Incidentally, I also saw Lucian Pintilie’s Romanian classic Reenactment over the weekend, so I really appreciate your transcript of its introduction when it was shown at PSIFF. I’ll be sure to link.)

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