LACMA in October

The Round-Up (1966)

Just as I was grumbling that the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s recent announcement of a Rohmer retrospective in September includes less than a dozen films–all of them readily available on DVD (not even The Tree, the Mayor and the Mediatheque?)–LACMA has unveiled its October line-up, which more than makes up for it:

October 3
Happy-Go-Lucky, a preview screening of Mike Leigh’s new comedy

October 4 through 25
Four Masterpieces by Edward Yang (That Day On the Beach, Taipei Story, A Brighter Summer Day, Yi Yi)

October 7
Ashes of Time Redux, a preview screening of Wong Kar-wai’s revamped classic

October 17 through 24
Spotlight on Miklós Jancsó (The Round-Up, Silence and Cry, The Red and the White, Red Psalm)

Let’s hope A Brighter Summer Day is the director’s cut that screened at UCLA last year. I’ve only seen Jancsó’s Silence and Cry and Electra, My Love, but given the visual force of those films, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to see more of his work on the big screen. Kudos to LACMA’s Ian Birnie for programming one of the most exciting months at the museum in some time.

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