April Festival Logjam

I understand that the rainy season in Los Angeles extends through March, and that temperatures quickly rise after June Gloom burns off, but as a devotee of the many smaller ethnic/national film festivals in the city, I’m distressed that so many of them have chosen April as their play date. Los Angeles famously could use some coalescing of its film culture, so it’s unfortunate that its festivals are so unduly competitive (even after the ill-fated Russian Nights festival dropped out of the running):

• Vietnamese International Film Festival (April 2 – 12)

• Japan Film Festival (April 10 – 19)

• COL•COA (April 20 – 26)

• Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (April 21 – 26)

• Polish Film Festival (April 22 – May 3)

• Southeast European Film Festival (April 30 – May 5)

• Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (April 30 – May 7)

…not to mention the regular screenings at the usual specialty venues.

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